Commercial Solar Systems

Workplaces are opting for commercial solar systems at an astonishing rate as these systems’ prices continue to fall and the demand for alternative power sources increases. If you’re looking for commercial solar installers near you, Tampa Bay Solar can help reduce your commercial electric use anywhere from 50% to 90% or more, depending on the size of your commercial solar power system and sun exposure. Solar panels on your building’s rooftop can save your company thousands of dollars yearly. Imagine producing solar electrical power to run your office equipment, computers, factory, or even walk-in refrigerated units.


In the United States, business leaders are increasingly turning to solar installation to reduce their carbon footprint and embrace clean energy. Implementing a solar energy system offers environmental benefits, lowering reliance on non-renewable sources. For commercial installations, considering long-term savings on utility bills through solar batteries is essential. Government incentives from the US Department of Energy and other agencies make it financially viable. A custom proposal from top commercial solar companies like Tampa Bay Solar provides a competitive advantage. With a free site analysis and consultation, commercial property owners can determine the best way to enhance property value and energy efficiency with a new solar system, ensuring sustainability.


Commercial Solar Tax Incentives

Following the signing of the Inflation Reduction Act into law in August 2022, commercial businesses can save more than ever when switching to low-cost and renewable solar for business. The bill includes updates to the Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC), offering a 30% federal tax credit on the total cost of installing a solar. This solar panel rebate helps lower operating costs and protects business owners from volatile and increasing electricity prices.


Tampa Bay Solar’s Commercial Solar Expertise

In addition to the tax incentives for commercial solar projects, Tampa Bay Solar commercial customers can also benefit from our vast and specialized expertise that surpasses the bounds of the solar power industry and other commercial solar installers in the area. Our founder, Steve, has diverse experience, from building his own electric car(s) from scratch to powering remote areas worldwide. There isn’t much we don’t know when it comes to solar power, and there isn’t one obstacle that has stopped Tampa Bay Solar from reaching our goal of satisfying all of our customers. We do it one rooftop at a time and will keep doing it until there isn’t a commercial rooftop left without solar panels! It takes dedication to work on Tampa rooftops all day long, not to mention the dangers of working with electrical wiring. That’s why Tampa Bay Solar ensures that only the best-trained expert installation crews work on your business.So, if you are looking for expert commercial solar companies in florida,Tampa Bay Solar can be the best one.


Benefits of Solar Panels for Business : Commercial Solar Panel Installation

Getting renewable energy with solar panels for your commercial building benefits your bottom line, provides long-term stability, and is a helpful marketing point for your business.

  • Great ROI for commercial solar panel systems.
  • Stabilize your power costs and shield from increasing electricity rates. 
  • Once the system is paid off, all energy is free – and with net metering, you can sell your unused energy to your electric utility company.
  • Show your customers that you care about our planet by including your choice to go solar in your marketing materials and messaging.

With power rates climbing 27% over the past ten years (and only going up from there), now is the time to act. Start saving more than just money; your project will employ local workers, many of whom are Veterans who are trained and skilled solar system installers.

Florida Aquarium solar panels

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Great experience with Tampa Bay Solar. Ben and Nicole were great and extremely responsive leading up to the installation. Jack and his crew did an excellent job and provided all the information we needed. He walked us through all the steps they took during installation and why they did it. Highly recommend!


What incentives do I have to install a commercial solar system?

The Inflation Reduction Act secured a 30% federal tax credit on the total cost of installing a commercial system between 2022-2032. Other commercial business incentives include the Business Energy Investment Tax Credit (ITC) and other local rebate programs. Net metering programs are also available, which allow you to sell unused solar energy back to your electric company.


Is commercial solar worth it?

While there is a high up-front cost for commercial solar panel systems, this can be mitigated by financing the system or taking advantage of the 30% tax credit. Beyond this, the benefits associated with reduced or eliminated energy costs, lower carbon emissions, and improved business resilience make choosing commercial solar power systems worth the investment.

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