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Residential Solar Systems

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Tampa Bay Solar can create a home solar system designed for your electric power consumption. We believe in providing our residential customers with a solid and time-tested pathway to energy independence. Every day we set people free from renting power from monopolistic power/utility companies by providing clean solar energy for the home.


The first step we take is to provide you with a free solar energy audit to ensure that solar is a good solution for your home. This is also when we can show you how much you’ll save based on the size of the solar power system we suggest from the energy audit results.


As the best residential solar company in Florida, Tampa Bay Solar can provide you with an intelligent way forward with energy-saving options like solar panels for your home, solar whole home backup, solar water heaters, and energy-efficient solar-based products for your home.


Get started on your journey to a solar-powered home when you request a free energy audit.

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Solar Panel Systems


A home powered by solar is the future way to energy independence. Electric cars are becoming the new norm. Let the specialists at Tampa Bay Solar provide you with a free solar energy audit to ensure that solar is a great solution.

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Solar Whole Home Backup

Enjoy the Benefits of Buying a Home with Solar Energy

Take your energy needs into your own hands and install a whole home battery backup system that provides consistent, uninterrupted power even during emergencies and outages.

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Solar Water Heaters


A typical family of 4 spends between $400 and $600 per year on energy costs to heat the water in the home. Did you know a simple solar hot water heater could save you up to 30% on your electric bill?

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We had Tampa Bay solar come out and install solar panels for us at our home in South Tampa and the installers (Josh & Jack) were extremely professional, answered all of our questions, and even showed us final pics of the installed panels on the roof. It’s been awhile since we have experienced service like this. I heard the owner is a local retired Navy Seal and you can clearly see he runs a tight ship! If you are trying to decide on a company look no further.