Off Grid Containers

Off Grid Containers in Florida

With widespread construction across Florida, there is a growing need for on-site office trailers that operate 100% off grid, with no need for a temporary grid connection or a noisy gas or diesel generator.


Tampa Bay Solar has designed a custom off grid construction trailer that produces all its own power from the solar panels on its roof. This power can be used SAME DAY on any site, anywhere with full sunshine in Florida.


Our off grid construction trailer also features a battery backup system that can power heating or air conditioning 24/7 with enough interior space and power to set up and run any standard office equipment.


At only 8 feet wide, our off grid solar-powered container is small enough to easily maneuver down narrow lanes and hard-to-reach areas, making it an easy solution for construction sites that don’t have the infrastructure or access to support other power sources.


Our prices are similar to any electric- or generator-powered trailer, without the ongoing costs of electric, gas, or diesel, so construction sites can minimize power costs to focus on the build at hand.


Your trailer comes pre-configured and pre-tested, and we will deliver it on-site and ready for use.

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