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Solar Panels

Reliable, dependable, American-made residential solar panel systems from Tampa Bay Solar are perfect for your home electrical use. Our solar panel systems become more and more popular as they increase property value while saving the homeowner thousands of dollars year after year, guaranteed by the manufacturer up to 25+ years.


A home powered by solar is the future way to energy independence. Solar panel power is an abundant renewable resource that eliminates the carbon emissions and burning of fossil fuels. Tampa Bay Solar is the best solar panel company to provide you with a free solar energy audit to ensure that solar is a great solution.

Residential Solar Energy Systems/Home Solar (Photovoltaic)

Solar Panels consist of photovoltaic (PV) cells that create DC power from the sun’s rays. The newly created power then travels from the photovoltaic panels to an inverter that converts the DC energy into AC power that is commonly used in home and commercial applications. The AC Power travels to the home electrical panel to be used by household appliances, lights, etc. Excess solar power is sold back to the electric company through a “net-metering” agreement that allows you to still enjoy power at night or when the sun’s not out.


Solar-generated electricity usage is measured by your home’s utility meter, and when your new solar power system produces more power than you use, the local utility company issues credits towards your next electric bill putting cash into your pocket by saving money every day with a solar system. And your home remains connected to the electrical power grid to provide you with more power for those cloudy days or dark nights.


On sunny days, you sell your surplus back to the power company – imagine that – you get paid for sunshine! Now that’s bound to put a smile on your face and extra greenbacks in your wallet! Why not make money when the sun shines?


In Florida, residential solar systems offer a good place to start harnessing solar electricity. With federal tax incentives and local incentives, solar companies provide financing options, including solar leases and purchase plans, to homeowners.


Tax credits reduce the purchase price, making solar energy systems more accessible. Net metering allows homeowners to offset utility bills by feeding excess solar electricity back into the electric grid. String inverters or microinverters manage the flow of electricity, converting direct current (DC) from solar panels to alternating current (AC). Solar batteries store excess energy for use during blackouts, ensuring much power even without grid access.


What are the benefits of installing residential solar power panels?


Installing residential solar power panels can lead to reduced energy bills, lower carbon footprint, increased property value, and potential tax incentives. Additionally, solar panels require minimal maintenance and offer energy independence by harnessing sustainable power from the sun.


If you’re ready to create your own residential solar panel systems for your home, contact the Florida solar power experts at Tampa Bay Solar to get started.

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My experience with Tampa Bay Solar was excellent! The process from purchase to installation went flawlessly. The entire team showed up every morning with a smile and stayed late to get the job done. The panels were meticulously and professionally placed on our roof and they even took the time to clean the skylights. I highly recommend Tampa Bay Solar and I especially want to thank Fanez for his hard work.