Solar Financing Options

Zero Down Financing

Solar Financing Options-Zero Down Solar-You can own a new Solar Energy Powered System with NO MONEY DOWN. We can’t make this any easier for you. With zero down solar, it’s simple. We want you to own your energy independence with a new solar energy power system from the experts at Tampa Bay Solar. There has never been a better time to trade off your power bill for your own clean and green solar power energy system! Buy a high-quality, made-in-America solar power system installed by Veterans and start living carbon-free and save some money at the same time with solar financing options zero down solar from Tampa Bay Solar.


Own your system with a solar loan, available through Tampa Bay Solar. We offer commercial solar financing as well as residential solar panel financing.


  • $0 down to begin your project
  • Keep your solar tax credit with a 30% same-as-cash option
  • No equity requirements or appraisals
  • No pre-payment penalties
  • All eligible rebates and credits go directly to you, the homeowner


And once the solar system financing is paid in full, it’s yours. No more power bills each month! Each year electric power bills increase. However, yours won’t, your payments stay the same as your neighbors’ bills increase with each passing year – year after year . . .

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Solar Costs & Savings

Let’s do the math on Solar Systems for your home on electrical energy. An average residential Solar package typically runs around $12,000 up to more than $29,000 with a very basic federal tax credit of 26% off the entire photovoltaic system. Your new solar system immediately begins saving you upwards of $200 per month. That’s about $2,400 a year. With energy costs expected to increase over the next 10 years, your pay off will accelerate even sooner, depending on increases from the electric company.


If using solar power financing, once your last payment is made, you will be totally free of a power bill, which in fact, will be much higher ten years from now. Some analysts predict home electric bill increases will be nearly 70% in the next ten-year span, making solar systems a real no-brainer for consumers.