Commercial Solar Projects

Tampa Bay Solar has installed solar panels for businesses and institutions of various types and sizes. Our commercial solar projects range from restaurants to education to banking and more. Each commercial project is uniquely designed to maximize our customer’s return on investment.

Porsche dealership, Clearwater, FL – 135kW

This luxury car dealership recognized the importance of a cleaner future by incorporating solar into their new construction and were able to successfully reduce their electric bill.

The Florida Aquarium; Tampa, FL -113kW

The Florida Aquarium has taken a bite out of their carbon emissions by covering their shark tank – with solar from Tampa Bay Solar!

Dunedin City Hall, Dunedin, FL

This new construction project in the City of Dunedin committed to reducing their fossil fuel consumption to renewable energy by adding solar from the onset of construction.

Sarasota County Courthouse, Sarasota, FL – 200kW

This new construction courthouse ruled that solar was key to their future, making a judgment to install solar and reduce their carbon emissions.

Defense Contractor, Ft. Walton Beach, FL – 1 MW

This defense contractor went to war with climate change and made a significant commitment to a cleaner future while reducing their electric bill by $8,000 per month.

Gibson Plaza, Miami, FL – 50kW

This senior facility wanted to provide critical battery back up to their center, during times of crisis or emergency. Tampa Bay Solar was able to provide a unique and functional solar design, and deliver on customer expectations.

Suncoast Schools FCU, Tampa, FL

One of many solar installs with Tampa Bay Solar, our team helped provide SunCoast FCU with a reduced carbon footprint, while expanding SSFCU’s renewable energy portfolio.

Loretta Ingram Community Center, Tampa, FL – 150kW

The City of Tampa has committed to building a green energy future. Tampa Bay Solar has played an important role in that goal, with the installation of this 150 kW system, reducing the energy consumption at this facility by 60%.

Metrohm, Tampa, FL – 300kW

We installed this Solar Carport – 300 kW, a permanent structure system, saving our customers over $4,000 a month off utilities! That’s nearly $50,000 a year in savings, not to mention the tax credit. The structure is permanent and hurricane-rated, designed for aesthetics as well as an energy offset.

La Fleurs Gymnastics,Tampa, FL – 96kW

This facility prepares Olympians for their future and also sets a high bar with the goal of moving their gymnastic facility to ZERO carbon emission. In doing so, they were able to offset $2,000 per month in electric bills!