Tim Michaud

As a leading solar company in Florida, we provide smart solar solutions that empower customers to gain energy independence.

Our top priority is providing clients with the best guidance and support in their transition to solar energy. So, we are thrilled to have Tim, a seasoned professional with extensive experience in major markets such as downtown Boston, New York, Chicago, and Orange County, CA.


With Tim on your side, you can expect exceptional expertise and dedication. He is committed to understanding your unique needs and providing tailored solutions that deliver outstanding results. His hands-on approach ensures that your solar journey is smooth and efficient.

Tim Michaud

With a proven track record in sales across major markets such as downtown Boston, Manhattan, Chicago, and Orange County, CA, Tim brings a wealth of experience and dedication to the solar industry.


Tim’s journey into solar began with a strong recommendation from his brother, a local General Contractor who had an excellent experience with Tampa Bay Solar in 2018. This endorsement, combined with Tim’s desire to contribute to the renewable energy sector, led him to join Tampa Bay Solar upon relocating to St. Pete. Tim was drawn to the company because of its unmatched integrity, spearheaded by Steve, and its unique in-house approach, which is rare in the industry. This structure allows Tim to maintain a hands-on role, enabling him to thrive and deliver exceptional results.


Outside of his professional commitments, Tim enjoys golfing, living on a boat, following Boston sports, and spending time by the ocean.

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