Solar with Whole Home Battery Backup

Solar with Whole Home Battery Backup

Solar energy has been proven to be a reliable and sustainable way of powering homes and businesses and reducing our reliance on the grid. Installing a whole home backup solar energy system can take it a step further, helping you stay powered up without the need for energy from your utility system, ensuring power and comfort even in the face of outages.


Tampa Bay Solar can help you add a whole home backup to your existing solar energy system or ensure your first installation includes a whole home backup. With the addition of a backup battery and inverter, you’ll no longer rely on the grid for power when the sun’s not out, and you won’t lose power even when your grid-reliant neighbors do.


Our zero-down financing options and tax incentives make becoming energy-independent easier and more affordable than ever.

Benefits of a Whole Home Backup Solar Energy System

Preparedness for Emergencies

Enjoy the assurance that you won’t be left in the dark during power outages. When natural disasters strike or grid failures occur, you’ll have a reliable source of energy that can keep your home running to provide safety and security to your family.


Limit Grid Reliance

By generating solar energy during peak hours and storing it in your battery backup system for later use (like at night, on cloudy days, or during an outage), you’ll become energy-independent and won’t need to rely on the power grid for energy.


Save Money on Your Electric

While the initial investment may be higher (compared to traditional power sources), the savings you will make over time by having a whole home backup system will more than make up for it. With grid-tied systems, you can also sell the excess energy back to the grid, providing additional savings.


Protect the Environment

By maximizing the use of energy generated from your solar array with a solar whole home backup, you’ll reduce your carbon footprint, and help protect the planet for future generations.


Increase Property Value

A whole home backup solar energy system is a valuable asset that can significantly boost your home’s energy efficiency rating AND make your home more attractive to home buyers…resulting in a higher resale value and a great ROI for you.

Enjoy the Benefits of Buying a Home with Solar Energy

Residential Solar Whole Home Backups in Florida

Create and store your own clean, renewable energy and enjoy seamless backup energy during outages – something Floridians are all too familiar with. Florida is a top-ten state for power outages, with the most people per capita impacted. This is driven largely by the impact of hurricane season. Most years in the state of Florida, there are several serious storms, so you can never be too prepared, which means ensuring your critical access to power during these storms. Tampa Bay Solar’s whole home backup system gives you the peace of mind you’re looking for, to weather the storms in comfort.

Ready to Backup Your Whole Home With Solar?

Do you want to know with certainty that you’ll always have power at home? Don’t leave it up to the grid or the weather. Take your energy needs into your own hands and install a whole home backup system that provides consistent, uninterrupted power even during emergencies and outages. Get started with a free whole home energy audit today!

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