Residential & Commercial Solar Systems

Tampa Bay Solar can create a solar panel power system designed for your electric power consumption in your home or business. We believe in providing our customers a solid and time-tested pathway to energy independence by using photovoltaic solar panels which use photons from the sun to generate electricity.


Take Advantage of the 30% Tax Credit


The first step we take is to provide you with a free solar energy audit to ensure that solar is a good solution for you. This is also the point where we can show you just how much you will be saving based on the size of the solar power system we suggest from the energy audit results. Let Tampa Bay Solar provide you with a smart way forward with other energy-saving options like solar hot water, solar pool heating, solar pool pumps, and energy-efficient solar panel-based products for your home, residential and commercial properties.

Why Choose Tampa Bay Solar?


We are the only veteran-owned and operated solar installer in Tampa Bay, and very few solar installers can match our experience and longevity.


100% of our installers are Tampa Bay Solar employees, we don’t “sub-out” work to inexperienced contractors. By keeping our installs in-house, we maintain tighter quality control and get jobs done faster- with fewer mistakes. And many of our electricians and crew leaders have been with us for over several hundred installs, and that cumulative experience makes a big difference on the roof.


We’re also fast and responsive in regards to any customer inquiry, whether it’s sales or service of an existing system.

We Offer an Incredible Warranty


In addition to the 25-year warranty on panels Tampa Bay Solar also has a 10-year warranty that covers labor as well as the roof we used to mount the panels. Panel failure is very rare, less than one quarter of 1% of all the panels installed. With our 10 year warranty, your photovoltaic array is fully covered for any defect in parts or the install. (The warranty does not cover “acts of God” such as a house fire or a tree branch falling on your array, which is typically covered by homeowner’s insurance).


Zero Down Financing


You can own a new Solar Energy Powered System with NO MONEY DOWN. We can’t make this any easier for you, it’s simple, we want you to own it, with a new solar energy power system from Tampa Bay Solar. There has never been a better time to trade off your power bill for your own clean and green solar power energy system. LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR FINANCING OPTIONS


Solar Tax Credits


Tax credits can reduce a substantial portion of the total solar power system cost thanks to an aggressive Federal Tax credit that can save you up to 30% off your new solar energy system. LEARN MORE ABOUT TAX CREDITS & INCENTIVES

Solar Panel Systems


A home powered by solar is the future way to energy independence. Electric cars are becoming the new norm. Let Tampa Bay Solar provide you a free solar energy audits to ensure that solar is a great solution.

Solar Water Heaters

A typical family of 4 spends almost $1000 per year on energy cost heating water in the home. Did you know a simple solar hot water heater could save you up to 30% off your electric bill?

Scott Kinne
Very pleased. Live in Osprey and had attempted to use local providers, but they were not interested in a one panel (small) job, just wanted to sell a complete system. Tampa Bay Solar came right away, installed the replacement and were very professional and reasonable. Thank you.