Volatile Fuel Prices Driven By War: A Compelling Case For Electric Vehicles and Solar Panels

Fuel Prices Driven by War

Volatile Fuel Prices Driven By War: A Compelling Case For Electric Vehicles and Solar Panels

We send $700 million dollars to Putin EVERY. Single. Day

Russia takes in $700 million dollars per day in global revenue from natural gas and oil sales. Some of that revenue is used to fund the tanks, missiles, and soldiers who are now brutally murdering Ukrainian civilians. 

That means some of your oil dollars are being used to destroy an entire country. Think about that before buying another gas-guzzling truck. It might change your perception on the impact of certain energy use. If you’re looking for an alternative energy source without unpleasant strings attached, solar energy offers a new solution. 

Many of our solar clients have purchased electric vehicles and hired Tampa Bay Solar to install solar on their homes. Those solar panels generate daily kilowatts of energy that are then used to power their cars, and those same panels also reduce their electric bills to peanuts.

The best part? There are no Russian oligarchs involved, and the money used to install their solar panels is paying a Tampa Bay Solar employee – usually a veteran – and the panels are US-made in San Antonio, Texas.

Then, when that homeowner pays off their system they OWN that energy for the life of the solar panels, which is typically 35 to 50 years. Imagine: a humble solar panel, powering your electric car… until the year 2050!

The True Cost of Miles Per Gallon

Now that gasoline is going for over $4 per gallon we hope that drivers everywhere are considering the true cost of driving vehicles that use “gallons to the mile.”

When it comes to energy, it doesn’t have to be this way, and it doesn’t have to be gas. There are more and more viable plug-in electric and hybrid vehicles for sale from every car company in the world.

While solar on your roof powering your electric car will save you tens of thousands of dollars just in the next decade, fuel prices are volatile and subject to price increases from foreign wars. 

Solar power can’t be taken away. Sunshine is free and always will be. 

Team Member Spotlight: Tampa Bay Solar Trainer Volunteers in Ukraine

Tampa Bay Solar sales trainer Ben Alexander was a volunteer firefighter in the 1990s. Using his experience and skills, Ben will be traveling to Warsaw, Poland, for about a month on April 3rd to volunteer with the Red Cross in Lviv, Ukraine. He will be assisting in the movement of refugees out of harm’s way. 

This isn’t Mr. Alexander’s first time getting involved as a humanitarian aid volunteer. He has gone to Honduras five times since 2012 to install water filters with Pure Water for the World. 

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