Prepared for the Storm: Why Every Florida Home Needs Whole-House Solar Backup

Why Every Florida Home Needs Whole-House Solar Backup

Prepared for the Storm: Why Every Florida Home Needs Whole-House Solar Backup

In a state where the sun almost always shines, harnessing solar energy isn’t just a choice; it’s a necessity — especially for a Floridian. With the sun casting its rays over the Sunshine State approximately 230-250 days a year, solar energy with whole home solar backup is a practical, abundant, and economical solution to one of Florida’s most recurring challenges: power outages.

Unlike any other state, Florida experiences a unique combination of excellent solar conditions and a high frequency of power outages, especially during hurricane seasons. This underscores the urgency and viability of implementing whole-house solar solutions with a backup that can weather the sunny days and the intense storms that can follow.

Power Outage Potential

One independent analysis of data from the Energy Information Administration between 2015 and 2019 showed that Florida ranked first among all states for the average downtime duration of power outages at 14.6 hours, likely driven up by the long-lasting outages that often happen due to hurricanes. It also tied for fourth place for the most frequent outages each year, averaging 2.2 annually.

Homes nearly everywhere in Florida face a threat of outages yearly, especially during hurricane season, which lasts half the year, from June to November. While electric utility companies work hard to get grid power back up as soon as they can safely do so, communities are often left without power for hours or days following a catastrophic hurricane or tropical storm.

While solar power alone can’t help residents during grid outages, pairing a rooftop solar system with a whole home battery backup can provide enough stored energy to power essential systems or appliances until grid power is restored.

One community in Florida, Babcock Ranch, was developed to run entirely on solar power. Its 200,000 homes retained full power due to their whole home battery backups after Hurricane Ian ravaged the area, while Fort Myers was devastated just 12 miles south.

Tampa Bay Solar customers have even seen the benefits of installing a solar array and battery backup. One customer was interviewed by Politico after a Category 4 storm hit his area. The solar array not only stood up to the winds and rain, keeping his roof intact, but the battery component of the system also kept his power on at home, proving to be essential during and after the storm.

The Solar + Battery Backup Powerhouse Combination

Solar energy generation combined with battery storage perfectly represents modern energy resilience. While solar panels convert sunlight into usable electricity during the day, the batteries can soak up and store excess electricity for later use when the sun goes down or during a power outage.

In terms of resilience, the significance of battery storage in Florida cannot be overstated. A backup battery can sustain household essentials during a blackout, and with each additional battery, the capacity to power through an outage increases. For Floridians, this means refrigeration for your food, a working air conditioner to combat post-storm heat, and lighting to avoid darkness in a storm’s aftermath.

In Florida, investing in solar backup isn’t just a sustainable investment, it’s a crucial step in preserving the functionality and power of our homes.

Set Up for Solar Success in Florida 

When the next hurricane strikes, the homes that have invested in solar whole home backup will not just bear the storm — they will emerge as part of the solution. Hurricane season makes its way back around to Florida every year, so there’s no better time than the present to invest in safeguarding your home from the devastating outages these storms can bring.
If you’re ready to feel at ease the next time the news warns Florida residents of an impending storm because you know you’ll have power regardless of how the grid fares, reach out to Tampa Bay Solar. We can help you determine the right size battery for your home needs and set you up for success with a comprehensive solar power system.

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