Kristofer Ammons

As a leading solar company in Florida, we provide smart solar solutions that empower customers to gain energy independence.

We are proud to have Kristofer on our team, embodying our core values of community engagement, customer empowerment, and a relentless drive towards a cleaner environment. Kristofer finds immense joy helping individuals and families make the switch to sustainable energy sources. His unwavering enthusiasm and genuine care for others make him a valuable asset in guiding our clients towards a greener and more sustainable future.

Join us in celebrating Kristofer’s dedication to spreading positivity and making a difference in our Tampa Bay community through solar energy solutions.

Kristofer Ammons

A source of positivity and enthusiasm that lights up our team (and customers’ days!), Kristofer loves getting out into our Tampa Bay community, building relationships, and helping others achieve energy independence through solar. Kristofer is happiest when he’s coaching his kids along the sidelines, but if he didn’t work at Tampa Bay Solar, he’d use his energetic personality to become a game show host!

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