Tampa Bay Solar Buys Two Electric Service Vans!

Electric Fleet

Tampa Bay Solar Buys Two Electric Service Vans!

As we kick off the start of 2023 we are proud to announce the purchase of two Ford Transit F350 fully electric service vans.

Our fleet of 14 vehicles has been gas powered until now. Our plan is to replace our oldest vehicles with electric vehicles, until our entire fleet is fueled by kilowatts. 

There are many benefits to phasing out gas powered vehicles; EV’s don’t require oil changes, and because EV’s use regenerative braking there is no need to replace brake pads every 30,000 miles.

Some EV’s will never require a brake pad change for the entire life of the vehicle! 

The Ford Transit EV has a 180 mile range, and the vans charge to full range at the warehouse every night. 90% of Tampa bay Solar installs have been within a 50 mile radius of our warehouse in east Tampa.

The upfront cost of electric service vehicles is higher than a gas powered fleet, but the decrease in gasoline costs and maintenance more than makes up for that initial investment.

With solar panels on the roof of our warehouse we can recharge our electric vans for free, and totally insulate our company costs from gasoline price hikes.

We’re excited about our new vans because they reflect the future, and we have many commercial clients who are also making a transition to an electrified fleet.

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